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The predecessor of Phillip Securities Japan, Ltd. was originally founded in 1887. We started broking service for Japanese equity in 1920 and became Tokyo Stock Exchange Member in 1949. The Company has joined PhillipCapital group in 2002, and merged with another PhillipCapital group FX company, Phillip Financials in 2011. The Company has grown to the securities company providing a broad range of high-quality services to individual, institutional and international investors.

Our service

Our service includes broking in equities (Japanese, US and Asia), bonds, funds, FX and futures (OSE & TOCOM), supported by our tri-lingual research team (Japanese, English and Chinese). Our Corporate Finance team provides access to TSE listing with dominant market place in TOKYO PRO Market. Institutions are also able to benefit from system solutions provided by our IT company, CyberQuote Japan, Ltd.(CQJ).

Our strength

1. Global network

PhillipCapital group is present in 16 countries and territories. Our Global Network allows us to provide you connectivity to multiple exchanges, in-depth local market research, contact with local partners, etc.

2. Multi-exchange membership

We are a member of TSE, OSE and TOCOM. Our group is a member of SGX, CME Group, and exchanges in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, India, etc. Only 3 financial groups in the world are members of TSE, OSE, TOCOM, SGX and CME. We are providing you connectivity to multiple exchanges with one single contact point.

3. Very global and Very local

We are present in 16 countries and territories, we are global. We are in Japan for more than 100 years, we are local, We provide local service through global network.

4. Multi-language

More than 10% of our employees in Japan speak fluent English (Natives, US MBA, US graduates, business experience in US, etc.) and around 5% are native Chinese speakers.

1. Japanese Equities brokerage service

1. Trading tools

We can provide you DMA screen to trade Japanese Equities. We also accept manual orders. DMA screen: Please contact us to provide you most professional trading tool.

2. Research in English

We are providing company research & reports in English.

3. Model portfolio

A model portfolio of Japanese Equities is provided to our clients, renewed monthly, with ad-hoc report.

4. Account officers

Several fluent English speakers are ready to talk to you for account opening, executions, clearing, etc.

Ihara Hiroki: Japanese Equities brokerage service - Phillip Securities Japan

Hiroki IHARAChief Strategist and Research

Hiroyuki Nakayama: Japanese Equities brokerage service - Phillip Securities Japan

Hiroyuki NAKAYAMAHead of Marketing (Equities, Derivatives & DMA)


2. Futures (OSE & TOCOM) brokerage & clearing services

1. Our ranking

We are mostly ranked among top 5 brokers by transaction volume in TOCOM Gold (the most liquid product in TOCOM). Please visit TOCOM web site for previous day ranking
TOCOM top member firms award 2015 granted to Phillip Securities Japan

2. Trading tools

We can provide you major ISVs. You can also trade through your own in-house algo trading system. We will monitor your transactions and collect back-office data from the exchange to avoid latency problems.

3. System / Infrastructure

Our data centre is within KVH data center. We can provide you proximity, co-location service, etc. Our IT staff will advise you on network, datacenter, connectivity, etc. to assure you low latency service.

4. CME / SGX / Exchanges in Malaysia, H.K., Thailand, Turkey and India

PhillipCapital Group is a member of the exchanges above. We are connected to these exchanges by various ISVs'. Please contact us to connect you to these exchanges with one single screen.

5. Account officers/ IT

English speakers are ready to talk to you for a/c opening, ISV, network, etc.

Hiroyuki Nakayama: Futures (OSE & TOCOM) brokerage & clearing services - Phillip Securities Japan

Hiroyuki NAKAYAMAHead of Marketing (Equities, Derivatives & DMA)

Tomoyuki Makino: Futures (OSE & TOCOM) brokerage & clearing services - Phillip Securities Japan

Tomoyuki MAKINOMarketing (Derivatives)


3. Middle and back-office service for prop trading / securities firm who wants to trade OSE/ TOCOM

1. Tired to connect with ISVs'? No BO system?

You just need to get Drop Copy from OSE and TOCOM to get MO(Middle Office) & BO(Back Office) data. CyberQuote Japan, our IT Company is providing OSE/ TOCOM middle & back-office system "ARMADILLO" taking MO and BO data directly from the exchange. No worries about your connection to ISVs'. You can use any ISVs' including your in-house system!
OSE front office trading screen is also available.

2. Our IT team

The team is constituted by professionals from India, China and Japan, ready to connect you not only to OSE/ TOCOM but also to CME, SGX, etc.

Liulin Shao: Middle and back-office service for prop trading / securities firm who wants to trade OSE/ TOCOM - Phillip Securities Japan

Liulin ShaoCEO of CyberQuote Japan


4. Corporate Finance

1. You want to be listed in Tokyo Stock Exchange?

We are No1 J-Adviser (Certified listing agent) for TOKYO PRO Market * listed companies in 2012 and 2013, with dominant market share.
*One of five TSE section for professional investors.
Please visit TSE Home Page to find listed companies that we acted as J-Adviser.
TOKYO PRO Market accepts applications in English. This market completly fits a non-Japanese company who wants to expand businesses in Japan, who needs to enhance credibility to promote businesses by being listed in Japan, etc.

2. You want to buy some big portion of a listed company?

If you want to buy more than 5% of total shares of a listed company, Japanese regulation is requesting you to submit large shareholding report. In addition, if you want to buy more than 1/3 of total shares of a listed company, Japanese regulation is requesting you to go through TOB process. We are providing TOB administration service to investors who want to launch TOB to a listed company in Japan.

3. Our team

Our experienced staff fluent in English will guide you for TOKYO PRO Market listing or TOB administration.

Genichi Wakimoto: Corporate Finance - Phillip Securities Japan

Genichi WakimotoHead of Corporate Finance

Mihoka Abe: : Corporate Finance - Phillip Securities Japan

Mihoka AbeHead of TOB administration


Our Figures

Name:Phillip Securities Japan, Ltd.
Establishedin 1944
No of employees:approx. 100
No of branches:2 (Tokyo & Ashikaga)
Membership:TSE, OSE and TOCOM (inc. Grain market)
Net Capital: ¥ 5.7 billion
Net Profit: (2012.4 - 2013.3) ¥ 294 million
(2013.4 - 2014.3) ¥ 280 million
Shareholder:Phillip Brokerage Pte Ltd
  1. Brokerage (Japanese, US and Asian Equities/ Bonds/ Funds/ FX / futures)
  2. Dealing (Japanese Equities & Futures)
  3. Corporate Finance (TOKYO PRO Market J-Adviser, TOB administrations, etc.)
  4. IT (OSE & TOCOM front, middle & back-office system, etc.)

PhillipCapital Group

PhillipCapital Group is a group of companies offering a comprehensive suite of financial services including broking in securities, futures, commodities, fund management, insurance planning, investment research, equity finance and corporate finance as well as we information technology solutions. It was originally founded as a Securities Broker in Singapore in 1975.
PhilipCapital with headquaters in Singapore operates in the financial hubs of 16 countries and territories, with more than 3,500 employees and over 800,000 clients worldwide.

Our Affiliated Offices Worldwide

JAPANPhillip Securities Japan Ltd
CyberQuote Japan, Ltd.
PhiliipCapital CKS Japan, K.K
PhillipCapital Asset Management, K.K
SingaporePhillip Securities Pte Ltd
Phillip Futures Pte Ltd
Phillip Financial Pte Ltd
Phillip Securities Research Pte Ltd
PhillipCapital Management (S) Ltd
Phillip Japan Fund Management Pte Ltd
Phillip Private Equity Pte Ltd
Phillip Trading Pte Ltd
CKS Property Consultants Pte Ltd
CyberQuote Pte Ltd
MALAYSIAPhillip Mutual Berhad
PhillipCapital Management S/B
PC Quote (M) Sdn Bhd
INDONESIAPT Phillip Securities Indonesia
PT Phillip Futures
THAILAND Phillip Securities (Thailand) Public Co Ltd
CHINAPhillip Financial Advisory (Shanghai) Co Ltd
Phillip Financial Advisory (Guangzhou) Co. Ltd
HONG KONGPhillip Securities (HK) Ltd
Phillip Commodities (HK) Ltd
Phillip Finance (HK) Ltd
Phillip Asset Management (HK) Ltd
Phillip Institute of Financial Learning Co Ltd
Phillip Financial Advisors (HK) Ltd
CyberQuote (HK) Ltd
CAMBODIAKREDIT Microfinance Institution Ltd
CBIRD Micro Finance Co Lt
First FInance PLC
INDIAPhillipCapital (India) Prt.Ltd
Phillip Commodities India Prt.Ltd
Phillip Finance & Investment Service India Prt.Ltd
DUBAIPhillip Futures DMCC
SRI LANKA Asha Phillip Securities Ltd
TURKEY PhillipCapital Menkul Değerler A.Ş
AUSTRALIA Phillip Capital Limited.
UNITED KINGDOM King & Shaxson Asset Management (UK) Ltd
King & Shaxson Ltd
King & Shaxson Capital Ltd
Walker Crips Group PLC
USA Phillip Futures Inc
France King & Shaxson Limited

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